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We will upres big productions with high detail and quality specifications
including 4K, 8K, HFR, 3D and 4D

Typical big conversion projects

  • Feature Film
  • Television Series
  • Game Cinematics


Animation render cost saving

There is a big cost increase with 4K for animation production and it lies in 3D CGI render cost. Cheap render solutions cannot come close to post conversion costs, no matter hwo you turn or fry it.

It doesn't take complex calculation to figure out 4K will quadruple render times compared to HD or 2K. HFR will double that time again at 48fps and quadruple at 96fps, while stereoscopic 3-D already doubles rendering times for computer animated content. In all, 3D animation production can easily incur a 16x render cost hike.

Your current average render budget of $400K USD for the pure rendering of a 90 minute 2K feature can easily go up to 6 million USD. And which animated feature film production has no problem with a 5.6 million Dollar render budget increase?

Animated television series are not just 90 minutes long, they are 52 x 11 or 22 minutes, totaling 572 to 1,144 minutes. The resulting eye-watering render cost means television animation will swap quality for renderability; no beautiful pictures but bland, functional ones. And if that is not enough to cut the render overheads, the budget for creative production parts will need to suffer.

A render budget production line is not just the sum or render costs, it also includes the cost of specialized Render TDs and Pipeline TDs. Own-built render farms and outsource render farms quickly approach each other in cost even before farm management and render licenses are included. Render licenses include those for 3D software, plugins, shaders, render engines and render management software. At 2,000 render cores that becomes a serious expense – think of a mere $100 USD plugin render license: with 2,000 cores that's $200,000 USD extra render cost.

In all, Ultra-HD (UHD, UHDTV), High Framerate (HFR), 3-D (S3D) and other technologies could well strangle a lot of future animated productions.

This is where 4KRender comes in to offer a complete and completely affordable 4K solution. A 4K uprez / blowup service that can shave significant off your 4K HFR render costs through high-end specialization, the use of proprietary processes, clever algorithms and strategic project management.

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